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Angel Number 23

Have you ever had a day, or an hour in time when the same numbers kept cropping up all over the place? For instance, your phone shows the time to be 12:12 then your restaurant bill comes to $12.12, or your bank balance is $12.12, etc. Did you think that was a coincidence like most would? It may or may not be a coincidence. It could be angel numbers showing up for a reason. Angel number 23 is one of those specific angel numbers that can crop up sometimes.

In numerology, numbers have meanings. In the Bible numbers have meanings. Numerological and biblical meanings are usually different, but they can also be similar. Today, we will discuss Angel number 23, its meaning, its origin, and other data that is interesting about this special angel number.

Let’s start by defining angel numbers.

What are angel numbers?

In numerology, repetitive number sequences like 1111, 2222, 5555, or patterns like 4545, 654, 789 are angel numbers. These numbers show up in everyday places in everyday life, but somehow, they grab your attention. Even if only for a second, you may feel awe or wonder over what seems a coincidence. 

Numerologists believe that these numbers come from angels in the spirit realm as messages to you. Since numbers have meaning in numerology, the sequences of numbers could be just an expansion of their symbolism. 

These number sequences that you may experience multiple times in a few hours, days, or weeks can be assigned to ancestors, spirits, guides, angels, or your own height of consciousness. 

It’s believed that angel numbers are messages used to confirm when you’re taking the right path, provide insight on what you’re going through, or bring forward some spiritual strength you need at the time. Sometimes, these repetitive number sequences recur over your lifetime, which is why they are given such importance. 

What is Angel Number 23?

Based on the definition of angel numbers, angel number 23 could be a message from your angel(s), guide(s), ancestors, etc. Number 23 could be a message to you for encouragement related to believing in yourself and your own inborn abilities. It’s believed to mean that your guardian angels are supporting you and your current actions. 

Angel number 23 is a positive force of energy sent to you through the numbers. Its purpose is to encourage you to continue to seek out things that make you happy, so life on Earth is more blissful. It’s also a reminder to return to things you love to do. For example, if you love to sing, and you’re good at it, start singing again. Apparently, that is what will make your life better. 

Angel Number 23 Meaning

In numerology, the number 23, a composite number, is made of two digits, 2 and 3. In numerology, the common practice is to add two numbers together to get a single-digit number to find the core meaning. 

Number 2 Frequency

Number 2 relates to balance, cooperation, faith, trust, duty, service, and diplomacy, which is directly related to your own divine purpose in life and your soul mission. 

Its frequency is feminine in nature, holding feminine characteristics such as intuition, receptivity, and creativity. The number 2 is directly related to relationships, cooperation, and coupledom. 

This even number is also associated with psychic abilities, spirituality, and high intuition. It’s also a symbol of unity, healing, and wholeness. 

Number 3 Frequency

Number 3 delivers self-expression, joyful vibes, optimism, growth, encouragement, aide, creativity, expansion, and manifestation. 

In the numerology realm, the number 3 is called the number of the child. It’s a symbol of growth and magic associated with children. 

Since children are loaded with possibilities, imagination, and energy, the number 3 is associated with these traits.

More than that, the number 3 represents abundance, the fruit of your labor, authentic expression, and truth. 

Number 5 Frequency

Since the common practice of numerology is to add the two for a single-digit number, we get the number 5 from that. We think it’s important to understand this number as well.

The number 5 represents the focus of freedom, flexibility, adventure, free-spirited, excitement, and variety (the spice of life).

5 is the number of regeneration and growth. It allows one to step out of their comfort zone to achieve things beyond the ordinary.

Due to its nature, the number 5 requires that you trust and have faith in God, the universe, or whatever innate universal intelligence in which you believe. 

Number 23 Frequency: Number 2 and Number 3 Combined

When you see the number 2 in an angel number, it relates to a couple of things, which include:

  • Spiritual guidance
  • Relationships

That shouldn’t come as a surprise with the discussed frequency of the number 2. 

Together, the numbers 2 and 3 make 23, which is a number that combines, society, charisma, and communication. 

Angel number 23 is a message that your angel(s) or to whomever you assign your message, are trying to help you to strengthen your trust and faith as you strive to achieve your aspirations and desires. 

The angel number 23 is a powerful and dynamic number in numerology. Essentially, when you get this message it’s time to stop whatever you’re doing and start embracing your natural intuition. 

Remember, these messages are not always clear and concise. They are more likely to require thought on your part to discover the message’s meaning. That’s why you should use your natural intuition. It may be a message to help you listen to your inner voice before you jump into anything. 

When the number 3 shows up in an angel number, it’s a reminder message to use your voice:

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Speak up for and about yourself and others.
  • Be expressive.
  • Be truthful and honest. 

If you’re feeling inadequate and are experiencing issues with your self-worth, the number 3 will show up a lot. Your angels are trying to tell you something, so listen to them. 

Since the number 3 is the second digit is 23, you may find that you need to start getting creative in your relationships. 

This part may cause you to reflect on who needs your attention. Here are some questions to ask yourself in light of the message from Angel number 23.

  • Are you having plenty of fun?
  • Are you sharing with others?
  • Are you taking time for your friends and family?
  • Are you finding new ways to be creative in your love life?

It’s too easy to take relationships for granted, so your message may be to stop and consider the people in your life. You might also want to consider building new relationships as well.

The number 3 is the number of the child, therefore being creative and playful are essential in renewing your relationships. It could require that you open yourself up to being vulnerable to show your true self when you are taking relationships to this new level.

Angel Number 23 is Positive

Always view angel number 23 as a positive sign. It’s a sign that you should be expressing yourself more because your family, friends, and the world need to hear from you. 

You should trust your creativity and have faith that the message is there to help you through it all. Keep in mind that the message presented by angel number 23 may also mean that you are feeling self-doubt and need to believe more in yourself. 

Essentially, angel number 23 can either call you out of your self-doubt or be assisting you in expressing yourself. 

More than just a number, your guardian angel(s) or guides are encouraging you not to follow the crowd. It’s okay to color outside the lines and step out of your comfort zone. Let your free spirit and inner child out to make a difference in this world.

If your spouse or partner seems down, you have it in you to change that. Be creative by surprising them playfully and lovingly. 

Maybe you need to renew or level up your work connections. Your message could be telling you that.

Perhaps angel number 23 is trying to tell you that it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and make some new connections and build new relationships. 

Angel Number 23: Conclusion

If you’re experiencing multiple showings of angel number 23, or the number 23 is recurring, the first thing to realize is that the combination of 2 and 3 is 5 when adding the numbers in numerology. Therefore, you are also being encouraged to step up your frequency to 5.

The number 5 relates to change and freedom, so seeing angel number 23 often means that change is coming. You’re getting a heads-up from your angel, guide, ancestor, etc. The main goal is to welcome the change with grace by trusting your intuition.

The more you know about angel number 23, the more you can benefit from the message. We hope you have gained ample knowledge to trust yourself and in your intuition for your next change when you see angel number 23.

The only person who can understand your angel number 23 message is you because only you know what your struggles and situations involve.

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