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Are twin flames meant to be together?

There seems to be some confusion surrounding this question….. Are twin flames really made for each other?

In short: YES!

However, it can be difficult until both twin flames surrender to their connection.

The reason twin flames can appear and disappear in each other’s lives, be separated for long periods of time and come back together is because they are not aligned with their spiritual connection due to their individual life conditioning and healing process, this manifests as negative thoughts, words and actions towards themselves and their divine twin (TF) due to past hurts or what they believe to be true from their point of view but in reality may not be, it may be due to their? state conditioned by experience and society to think or behave in a certain way, a way that is not compatible with truth or love.

Our own conditioning automatically and energetically triggers a resistance to our TF, and through this process, the two twins repel each other to a certain degree…… This can occur even if only one TF is in resistance due to negativity, as they influence each other through their energetic vibration, thoughts and feelings, and this determines their ability or inability to adequately work towards union/reunion……

In other words, the thoughts and feelings of one twin flame can be energetically felt by another, even at a great distance, this can be felt on a conscious or subconscious level… affecting the thoughts and feelings of the respective TFs. So if one twin is happy, the other may feel happy for no apparent reason, essentially they are picking up the vibrational energy of happiness from their TF….. So we can also say that when one TF feels sad or unhappy, the other feels or senses it too, without understanding why. This can be felt so strongly that if one twin thinks and feels negative thoughts about the other, the twin in question may start to have negative thoughts about themselves and the twin feeling negative, this can then affect their relationship with each other without explanation if one or both TFs express their thoughts to the other at the most unexpected and unexplained time. Once united/unified, this process can and will serve them both….. to elevate themselves to greater heights by wishing each other well and realizing that they have enormous influence on each other on an energetic and telepathic level.

Before a harmonious reunion can occur, TFs must call each other to wholeness within themselves in order to heal and grow, and ultimately become one with each other, which complicates their path to a harmonious union…… It forces both lovers to go back and forth in what is called a “catching up on the run” process. One runs away from the other and then becomes the pursuer, they may exchange these roles for a time if their reunion is unbalanced, or if there is healing due to the resistance of one or both of them. In the meantime, both continue to feel an energetic connection between them, which they may or may not be able to explain.

When the two TFs stop resisting their spiritual connection by letting go of all negative judgments about themselves and each other, they can reconnect with divine guidance and begin to embrace each other to build a stronger foundation for their future. Each time they reconnect, they learn more and more from their inner and outer experiences on the path to harmonious union, each simultaneously healing their own life and that of their DH.

After a harmonious reunion, the relationship will take on a completely different form than any previous relationship between them or with any other couple in the past. Each of them will experience love and connection on a deeper and completely different level than ever before. TF relationships are not traditional relationships, but each TF carries a sense of tradition and nobility at the core of their being. TF is here to shake things up and create a change for the better…. For a love that is unique and powerful and brings more love and light into the world. It is a bond that will stand the test of time and become stronger and better as you come to a harmonious reunion and grow together into total unity of body, mind and soul…. as one!

If at any time one or both TFs begin to see or feel negativity towards the other, they know they still need to heal and can give each other space if they are willing to surrender to the process. If not, they will again separate for a time until healing occurs and they can come back together in harmony.

The universe will always try to bring you together, gently but surely cajoling you. This can be done through the appearance of synchronicities, initials, names, numbers, dates, times, etc. to get their attention and bring them back together, but it can also be done through thoughts and feelings. For example, the inability to stop thinking about the other person, even when they are in another relationship. However, this is not always the case, it is possible for TFs to enter into other relationships without constantly thinking about their TF, but they are instructed to learn what they need to learn from their current relationship while it lasts, which helps the TF connection to reconnect, and the universe will always bring them back to each other in the end.

Your connection to TF cannot and will never be forgotten, no matter how much you resist forgetting or changing it.

Both TFs will eventually realize that resistance is futile and that the best they can do is to surrender to the process as they both move towards and beyond harmonious union. This union is not about settling, but about reaching greater heights within themselves and the union.

After achieving a harmonious and loving union…. Both parents are finally ready to live and love life for the good of all. They bring and help each other in the LIGHT!

What you can do if you separate from your TF or have difficulties in your relationship/attachment with your TF.

Heal your wounds – forgive and heal your life of all past wounds that still negatively affect you in your body, mind and soul.

Abandon all negative thoughts, words and actions towards you and your DH.

Live in the “truth” of who you are, from your heart and through all your thoughts, words and actions.

Allow “silence” to be the time and space to flow freely between you and your DH. Practice the art of stillness of body, mind and soul at all times.

Recognize the “opportunities” that present themselves in your life and in your relationship with DH. Focus on and appreciate the positive in yourself, your life and others.

Grow in wisdom” Learn all you can to grow through your experiences. Return infinite love and wisdom to your overall well-being.

Prayer. Seek guidance from your Higher Self and send loving thoughts and feelings to your divine partner (TF) knowing inwardly that you are both where you belong at all times.

The more you drop the “ifs”, “whens”, “whys”, “hows”, “buts” and “coulds” in your thoughts, words and actions, and the more you proceed from the space of love in everything you do, the better the results will be.

Keep your faith, for all is well and will be as it should be, according to divine guidance in divine terms.

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