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Birthstones Between July & December And How It Can Affect Your Life

The birthstone is a stone selected for its astrological compatibility with a particular month. The tradition of assigning specific stones to each month began in ancient times and is still practiced today. Each month has a crystal or gem associated with it, which is believed to bring good luck to anyone born during that month.

While the tradition may seem old-fashioned and perhaps even superstitious, there have been many studies on this topic. The results have generally shown that people who wear their birthstone are happier than those who don’t, leading many to question how these crystals and gems affect us.

July – Ruby

If you’re born in July? Then ruby is your birthstone.

Ruby is a red gemstone and is not only beautiful but also one of the most valuable gems. So if you’re born in July, consider yourself lucky because you get to be creative, fun-loving, and a nice gift from nature. Best-quality rubies are one of the most expensive gemstones. Their prices can range from $1,000 to a whopping $1,000,000 per carat. Rubies are hard gemstones having a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

Ruby is a gemstone that symbolizes love and passion. Wearing a ruby brings out your inner feelings, so you’ll be more likely to express yourself when wearing one. In addition, it can lead to greater confidence in social situations where previously you may have been too shy or concerned about what others thought of you.

August – Peridot, Sardonyx, And Spinel

August is a month that signifies the birth of Peridot, a member of the beryl family. Peridot is known as the only gemstone in the world that’s green. It also symbolizes friendship and love, so consider yourself lucky if you have an August birthday.

If you have an August birthday, you might consider placing some peridots around your room because they will help bring more fortune into your life. You can own an average peridot stone for $50 to $80 per carat. However, fine-quality top color peridot can cost around $400-$450 per carat.

You can wear it as a necklace or keep one on your desk at work to help attract new opportunities for prosperity into your life. In addition, it is said that peridots will help relieve anxiety and depression if worn around the neck or placed underneath pillows at night.

Sardonyx is also a birthstone for those born in August. It is also known as chrysalis quartz due to its rainbow colors which are said to be reminiscent of butterflies breaking out from their cocoons. It contains layers of two different minerals, sard and onyx. The energy of this stone encourages one to let go of old beliefs and patterns so they can develop new ones that are more beneficial in life.

Along with peridot and sardonyx birthstones, another stone associated with those born this month is spinel, a form of beryl often mistaken for emeralds due to its coloration. Fine-quality spinel may cost around $1,000-$7,000 per carat. If you are looking for ways to boost your energy levels without artificial stimulants such as coffee or sugar pills, try wearing some spinel jewelry while working out.

September – Blue Sapphire

The September birthstone is sapphire, which symbolizes wisdom and insight. The blue sapphire can help you to see your true self. Sapphire is a hard gemstone scaling nine on the Mohs scale. The price per carat can vary between $25 to $11,000.

A top-quality sapphire of 1-2 carat might retail for somewhere between $800-$1,200. You have to pay double the amount for 2-3 carat sapphire. However, there is no linear formula to calculate the price of sapphire.

The power of sapphire is thought to keep the wearer from harm and bring them peace. It will help you gain insight into many different topics, including religion and finance. The blue sapphire brings protection against psychic attacks and physical ones.

So if someone has been bullying you over time, wearing one should stop them right away. Sapphire is known for its calming effect on both body and mind; sapphire jewelry improves sleep quality while reducing stress levels.

Sapphire has been one of the favorites of royalties for centuries. For example, it is well-known that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with 18-carat blue sapphire, which belonged to his mother, Late Princess Diana.

October – Pink Tourmaline & Opal

The October birthstone is pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is a protective stone that helps you to be more intuitive and psychic. It also helps to ground your energy, which can be useful if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks as it will help ease those feelings.

Pink tourmaline works well with the opal, as they both resonate with each other’s energies, enhancing them both and allowing for a greater sense of creativity and imagination in the wearer.

Pink tourmaline is known as the “love stone” because it attracts love into your life through self-confidence and positive thinking. In addition, it will give you an air of mystery about yourself that others find irresistible.

On the Mohs scale, pink tourmaline scales 7.5 out of 10. At the same time, opal’s hardness rank is 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale.

November – Topaz & Citrine

November is the birthstone for topaz and citrine. Topaz is a yellow stone, while citrine is a yellow-orange stone. Both stones are associated with the sun and have similar effects on people born in these months.

Topaz is available in over 100-carat sizes. Blue and brown topaz sells for less than $8 per carat. However, precious topaz known as Imperial can go up to $1000 per carat. Topaz helps to increase the clarity of thought and self-confidence, as well as stimulate your creative abilities.

In addition, it is said to aid in meditation and balance emotions during difficult situations or transitions in life. It can also help you maintain focus while wearing this stone around your neck or wrist to succeed in your endeavor.

Citrine has many properties that make it useful for those who wear it regularly. It increases communication skills by helping you speak up when necessary and improves concentration so that you don’t miss anything important. It assists those who need support while going through stressful periods because they will feel less alone with this gem near them.

On the Mohs scale, citrine weighs 7 for hardness. Citrine stones of 20 carats are available in a majority of jewelry shops.

December – Tanzanite and Zircon

December is the last month of the year, and people born in December are called Capricorn.

Tanzanite is the birthstone for those born in December. Tanzanite is rare and therefore is an expensive gemstone. Per carat, tanzanite can vary from $100 to $800 depending on the color, cut, clarity, and carat. Tanzanite is believed to have the power of detoxifying the body and improving consciousness stimulating perception and intuition.

In addition to tanzanite, zircon is also a birthstone for people born this month. It is a stone with different shades of blue and green found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma, and Uruguay. Zircons are often yellow or gold with a brown tint, but they can also have white streaks throughout their body.

This stone represents strength while symbolizing protection from evil spirits and dark magic because it absorbs negative energy from those around you.

Birthstones Can Change The Energy Of Your Life

The color of a gemstone can change the energy of your life. The use of birthstones for people born between July and December is to attract positive energy, repel negative energy and attract love, money, and success.

While each of these birthstones has unique properties, they all have one thing in common; they’re powerful. They are the most powerful stones that can be used to help you manifest your desires into reality. It is why it’s so necessary to carefully choose the jewelry when buying with stones to wear around or for your home decorating project.

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