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Do twin flames feel the same way about each other? 9 signs of their bond

Have you found your twin flame but are still confused and have doubts?

Twin flame relationships are not easy-they are frustrating and sometimes even painful-because they are designed for you to grow, be challenged and heal.

But as you go through this roller coaster of emotions, you’re probably wondering if your flame twin is experiencing it too.

From the good to the bad, it can be difficult to know how they are feeling and if they are experiencing the same things you are on your twin flame journey.

But to better understand how your twin flame is connected to you – emotionally and spiritually – we must first understand how the silver cord you share works.

What is a silver communication cable?

You may have already encountered the silver cord, especially if you have been trying to find out more about your connection to the twin flame.

So what is it and what role does it play in explaining why your twin feels the way it does?

In simple terms, the silver cord is the energetic structure that connects our physical being with our spiritual being.

To visualize what this looks like, imagine a thread of light being used to transfer energy between you and your higher self.

But if you have a twin flame, your silver cord (which comes from your heart chakra) passes through the spiritual realm where it connects to the heart chakra of your twin flame.

It seems like a lot, but it is important to know that this energetic connection connects the two of you spiritually and opens the way for energy transfer and exchange.

What does this mean to you?

This is the reason your twin flame feels what you feel. It is the bond that unites you and makes your relationship complete.

So if you have strong feelings or vivid dreams about your twin flame, you are not alone.

Your twin flame really feels what you feel.

However, your twin flame may not feel everything you feel at the same time you do (although it can happen), but they will go through the same emotions at some point in their journey.

But if you’re still wondering how to tell if your twin feels the same way you do, read on for the most common signs.

9 signs that your twin flame feels the same way you do

1) You run

You may be thinking, “Why are they running if they feel the same way I do?”

But that’s exactly why your twin flame goes away.

You feel the intensity of your shared emotions: you are part of the same soul, so it is natural for her to feel the same emotions as you.

But in some cases, it can be overwhelming, and your twin flame will do anything to push you away, even ignore you.

Although it is cruel and painful to be abandoned by your twin flames, you can take it as a clear sign that they feel the same way you do.

A defect?

They are not ready to deal with their emotions or the changes they need to make in themselves, and you may have to wait a while for them to come back (or maybe not).

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2) They reflect how you feel.

Just as your flame twin cannot escape these strong emotions and changes, you can also control the reflection of your feelings or behavior.

Although they may not realize it, your twin flame acts as your mirror image.

If you feel insecure, your twin flame will show you in return, even if it hurts, it should encourage you to wake up and face your shortcomings.

So how can a Gemini reflect you if they don’t know how you feel inside?

Twin flames can discover each other’s innermost flaws and feelings, regardless of how long they have been together.

So if your twin reflects you, whether well or poorly, you know that he or she really knows you and feels the same way you do, even if you’ve never spoken about it verbally.

3) Feels like a hero

There is a new concept in relationship psychology that can help you understand if your fire twin feels the same way you do.

According to the hero’s instinct, men are “made” to be with women who arouse certain strong feelings in them.

Men want to feel that they are protecting the woman they love and giving her something that no other man can give her.

In other words, men want to feel like heroes, and it is the woman who must trigger this natural biological instinct in him.

The hero instinct is typical of twin flame relationships, as the feeling of being a hero can trigger deep emotional bonds with a partner, especially in a man.

I know it sounds silly. Women today don’t need someone to be their “hero” and save the day.

And I couldn’t agree more.

But here’s the paradoxical truth. Men still need to feel like heroes. After all, it is in their DNA to seek a relationship with a woman that makes them feel like one.

The amazing thing is that you can evoke this instinct in your twin flames.

All you have to do is find a way to make it look like your hero. It’s an art that can be a lot of fun if you know exactly what to do.

The best way to learn how to trigger the hero instinct in your man is to watch this free online video.

James Bauer, the relational psychologist who first coined the term, offers a comprehensive presentation of his game-changing concept.

Some ideas are life-changing. And when it comes to how to make the most of your relationship with a twin flame, this is one of them.

4) Silence

And that brings us to the next point: your twin flame feels what you feel without you having to talk about it.

The funny thing about silence is that it often elicits unexpected responses. Most people assume that if they don’t communicate with you, communication has broken down.

But in a twin flame relationship, silence speaks volumes.

If your twin flame is silent, it’s not because it doesn’t want to talk to you, it’s because it already knows what you’re thinking or feeling.

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

This person may know you so well that he or she doesn’t even need to talk to understand you.

The next time your Gemini partner is silent, don’t assume they’re bored or busy; they probably know what you’re thinking and don’t feel the need to talk.

5) You experience telepathy

And if expressing your feelings without words is not enough, you and your twin flame can even experience telepathy.

The truth is that you are more likely to experience telepathy with your soul mate than any other type of connection.

And it makes sense:

Your soul is one: although each of you may have different emotions and react differently to external stimuli, when it comes to feeling the same for each other, there is no doubt.

So if you have a telepathic moment where you get a glimpse of what your twin is feeling, you can be sure that he is experiencing it too, even if he never talks about it.

6) Unconditional love

Unconditional love is an important part of finding and connecting with your twin flame, it is what differentiates you from soul mates and other types of connections.

And that’s the ultimate goal of twin flames, so you probably can’t stop thinking about them.

All the hard work, the growth, the separations, all lead to a higher level of love: unconditional love.

When you and your twin flame reach this level, the length of your separation will no longer matter, you will both know that your love for each other transcends physical distance.

So how do you know if your twin flame shares your unconditional love?

The clues are in how they feel about you.

Your twin flame will always come back, even if you are apart for a while.

They won’t waste your time or drag you down. On the contrary, they will do everything they can to lift you up and help you be the best you can be.

In fact, unconditional love has no restrictions, expectations or conditions.

And when your twin flame accompanies you on this journey of the soul, it feels the same love as you do.

7) Shared dreams

Shared dreams are another way to know that your Gemini fire feels the same way you do.

Sometimes they both have similar dreams, sometimes they see each other in their dreams.

In most cases, your shared dreams will reflect what either of you are experiencing, and this is another way to connect and understand each other.

So why do twin flames share their dreams?

Sleep is said to be the time when the ego relaxes and the pressures and stresses of the outside world are reduced to a minimum.

During your dreams, your soul may point out areas that need healing, development or change.

It is fair to say that for Geminis, dreaming together can often be a mental jolt or wake-up call, but in many cases it is simply a pleasant experience that wakes them up with a sense of contentment and love.

8) Intense emotions

Gemini flames feel strong emotions around them: on a mental level, it’s a connection they share, but on an emotional level, it can be very difficult.

But the great thing about this intensity is that it is hard to hide. You can tell when your twin flame is feeling emotions or is completely in love and enjoys communicating with you.

And it is quite normal for these strong emotions to come in sudden waves, without warning.

But the best thing about these emotions?

It is the recognition of your soul in another person.

This is the ultimate form of connection, and can often overwhelm you and leave you feeling powerless and overwhelmed, but it also gives you a sense of “oneness” with your partner.

If you feel this way, chances are your twin flame feels the same way, and you’ll know by using your intuition and their reactions to confirm it.

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9) Energetic aura

Our last point brings us to the surge of energy you feel when you miss your twin flame; if you haven’t experienced it yet, imagine the feeling of energy flowing through you.

It usually happens randomly, distracts you from what you were doing and encourages you to be more productive or adventurous.

The same can happen with your twin flames when you think of them, whether they know it is through their connection to you or not, they will always feel the same energy.

Usually, both twin flames have this experience at the same time (but not always).

But that’s not all:

The same energy can be harnessed when they are together, often leading them to work as a team to achieve their goals.

It is a wonderful experience that twin flames share, and certainly cannot be ignored when it occurs.

Now that we’ve seen the main signs that your twin flame feels the same way you do, let’s look at times when these signs may be less obvious.

Does your twin flame ever feel different?

As for the silver cord link, your twin flame will have the same experiences as you, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has the same feelings as you.


Maybe they didn’t do the mental work.

You may have begun your spiritual awakening and have already embarked on the inner journey to better understand this connection, but your partner may not have yet.

So while they understand that their feelings for you are very strong, they are not always ready to experience those emotions, which is why there are often “runners” and “stalkers” in twin flame relationships.

So what is the point of the lawsuit?

This usually occurs when one of the people in the relationship becomes depressed and pulls away.

They are called “runners” because they run away from their fear of strong emotions, spiritual growth and unconditional love.

It is normal for a “stalker” to feel abandoned, resentful and confused: why did his twin flame leave such a magical relationship?

The truth is:

The “fugitive” must leave, either to develop independently or for other relationships, until he is ready to return to his twin flame and embrace the intensity of union.

And they often run away from their problems: the “stalker” is a mirror that shows them parts of themselves that they are unwilling to face.

But during this separation, the “stalker” often wonders if the “runner” is still experiencing what he feels: is the silver cord still intact?

It really is.

Your twin flame still feels the intense connection between you, the love is there, but she just isn’t able to handle it; she may not know right now that she feels the same way you do.

They are still aware of your shared connection, but they are focused on other areas of their lives, so their attention is not on how you feel or how they can connect with you.

The “stalker” already has a hard enough time understanding what your twin flame feels when you walk, but if it really is your twin flame, you will share that important connection whether you are together or not.

But what if he completely distances himself from you and your intuition tells you that you are not on the same wavelength?

What if my flame twin doesn’t feel the same way I do?

If so:

You are not your twin flame.

You may be dating a fake twin: someone who looks like a real twin, but actually has very different life goals and feelings.

While a true twin flame may run away but eventually return, a false twin flame will make you feel as if you are bonded but you will not really feel what you feel.

Problems such as past trauma or relationship problems can cause the false twin flame to run away and never look back, which is the exact opposite of the true twin flame.

False twin flames can waste valuable time and energy that could have been spent on attracting your real partner.

So if you don’t feel like your partner is really going through the same things you are, it’s a serious sign that they are not your twin flame, and it’s time to move on and focus on yourself until they find you.

And in that sense, once you meet your true twin flame, these irresistible signs will be proof that they feel the same way you do, regardless of their behavior.

The truth is that your unique connection is so rare that the reactions of your twin flame sometimes leave you confused, but remember that this is part of your souls’ journey together.

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