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How Much Is Laser Hair Removal for Legs?

Have you ever thought about what laser hair removal for legs would cost? Are you tired of the traditional short-term solutions like shaving and waxing? If so, laser hair removal is the best alternative. It provides long-lasting results and leaves your body smooth and free from hair.

But how much is laser hair removal for legs? The cost varies due to several factors such as the size of the area treated, geographical location, number of treatments required, and the professional doing it. However, individual treatment sessions cost $100 to $800 on average. Therefore, if you go through 4 sessions, you will pay $400 to $3200. 

In America, women spend more time and resources on these processes than men. Research done by American Laser Centers proved that women spend above $10,000 on shaving products like laser hair removal during their lifetime.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a treatment process used to permanently remove unwanted body hair using laser light that kills the hair follicle. Other forms of removing body hair like waxing and shaving destroy the hair root or its tip, and the hairs grow back.

When the hair bulb pigment is heated, it destroys the tissue around it. As a result, the hairs’ growth rate slows down. Therefore, laser hair removal for legs is a sure way to permanently deal with unwanted body hair.

The procedure needs to be done by certified technicians. Besides, the process is most effective on dark and coarse hair against fair skin. However, there are different lasers for different hair types and colors. Besides, the laser types vary in terms of the body parts they treat. 

What Does Laser Hair Removal for Legs Cost?

Undergoing laser hair removal can be costly because it is a form of beauty. Therefore, the price is more than that of waxing or shaving. But after you are done with the treatment sessions, you may no longer incur any other cost.

Besides, factors such as your geographical location, the body part being treated, the professional doing it, and the time it takes, affect the cost. In 2020, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicated that one could expect to pay about $390 on average for laser hair removal. That is excluding other expenses.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatment Sessions are Required?

Laser hair removal can be time consuming for a completely hair-free body. One-time treatment can make the hairs in treated areas thinner, more delicate, and lighter. Still, you need to undergo the whole process for a permanent solution. Therefore, you need to undergo multiple treatments, preferably four to six times.

The sessions also need to be done one after the other for the best results. This can vary from one person to another depending on the hair type, natural growth cycle, and color. However, this can be done in a frequency of 4-6 weeks. Besides, you may need some touch-ups after the treatment yearly.

The Pros of Laser Hair Removal

First, laser hair removal deals with unwanted body hair. It is a permanent solution for killing hairs on your underarms, legs, sideburns, or back.  

Second, the treatment helps to reduce the time spent eliminating undesirable body hair. You do not have to spend more time shaving or waxing the unwanted body hairs once you go through laser hair removal for legs. Besides, there is no more shaving and waxing irritation.

Third, in contrast to waxing and shaving that causes ingrown hairs, this will be past tense once you are done with a laser hair removal treatment.

Fourth, laser hair removal helps to deal with unwanted hair issues. It prevents discoloration, folliculitis, and pigment problems because it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

Finally, the process leaves the treated areas undamaged because it only targets the hairs, unlike shaving, where you can cut your skin.

The Cons of Laser Hair Removal

One of the drawbacks of laser hair removal is the cost. It is more expensive compared to other hair removal methods. 

Second, you experience discomfort when going through the treatment procedure. It may lead to slight skin redness, mild swelling, and some form of irritation. However, these effects are not severe.

Finally, in some instances, the treatment may not bear long-lasting results. Due to nutritional issues, medication, and genetic predisposition, it may not be practical to some. For example, if you take testosterone, laser hair removal might not bring the long-term benefits it does for others.


Unwanted body hairs bring discomfort, and therefore, it is essential to find ways to deal with them. The use of razors, waxing, and tweezers can sometimes be tiresome and time-consuming because the hairs grow back quickly. 

However, laser hair removal is a lasting remedy for dealing with unwelcome leg hairs. Besides, the cost of undergoing the treatment is high, but it is worth it. And you will spend an average of $275 to $400 per session.  

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