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How To Choose a Good Gaming Laptop

If you have the task to buy a laptop for gaming, then you should understand that the classification “gaming” is conditional. Under this word is not hidden exact information. It simply means that this laptop is equipped with high-end components, able to collectively “pull” the majority of new and popular games.

Why most? Because every year the system requirements for games are increasing. Some of the expected gaming releases this year, declared such parameters “iron”, that on ultra-settings they are unlikely to pull even the best of the available laptop on the market.

This is an unavoidable quality of all laptops. Their main advantage is compactness and the ability to work offline for a long time, without connecting to the network. Accordingly, laptop components are adapted so that they take up as little space as possible and consume as little power as possible. This does not go well with gaming hardware, which by its purpose cannot be called economical. Reducing the size of powerful graphics cards and other components specifically for the mobile base, in addition, very much adds to the final cost of the entire device.

In other words, laptops are not the best machines for games, but the manufacturers are trying every way to meet the demand and create machines that can handle the vast majority of already existing gaming projects. However, modern casino games and new slots also require special gaming parameters.

How Are Gaming Laptops Different From Others?

So, what parameters should have a good gaming machine have? You could just say “the best,” but it is unlikely to help us constructively approach the process of choosing the hardware for a particular game.

Let’s start with things straightforward: a gaming laptop must have a discrete graphics card (not built-in) and a fairly powerful processor. All machines that claim to be gaming, must meet these basic requirements. Everything else (screen diagonal, amount of RAM and physical memory, etc.) can vary within a very wide range. Well, it is worth adding that a gaming laptop is almost always relevant perfect cooling system (often noisy) and a mechanical keyboard.

These are the most general characteristics. It is well known that it is computer games that set the speed of progress in the development of components for personal computers and laptops. The same applies to consoles and mobile devices capable of supporting game software. The fastest processors, the best screens and video adapters are needed just for games.

Processor Characteristics

As for the processors, then on them, we could write a separate article and not even one. When choosing a gaming laptop, we only need to have a general idea about the mobile versions of processors, briefly dwell on the labelling and general categories of evaluation of this or that model.

The power and speed of information processing depend on several characteristics at once. Each of them can be important in the case of evaluation and selection of the processor for a gaming laptop.

The number of cores – from a technical point of view, the definition is not quite correct. For example, a 4-core processor is 4 separate processors on one board, working synchronously. That is, any incoming task is divided into 4 parts. Some processors can support more threads than the number of cores. For example, the number of cores is 4, the number of threads is 8. Such chips are even faster.

In other words, depending on the number of cores and threads created, the speed may vary, but often the speed of information processing in a particular game depends on the adaptation of software to work with processors with different numbers of cores. Most experts agree that 4-core processors are sufficient for all modern games. In chips with 6 and 8 cores is simply not necessary yet.


So, what kind of laptop do we need to run games in 2022? A notebook with such characteristics is almost guaranteed to play modern games at recommended settings. However, it is worth noting that the cost of such a machine will not be cheap. The same set-in desktop version (for the desktop computer) will certainly be cheaper, but it is a matter of preference. 

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