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How to Get Smarter: Simple Rules to Boost Your Brain

What is intelligence? Some scientists divide intelligence into tangible and an intangible components:

  • The tangible component is the human brain and how healthy and strong it is determines the speed of information processing, the amount of information you can remember, and the brain’s ability to retain the information you receive.
  • The non-material component is the information that the brain can take in, it determines the person’s actions, personality, and character, relations with other people.

The better a person’s brain functions, the better everything in his life. The healthier the brain, the better one’s health, the wiser, richer and happier one is. If the brain isn’t functioning properly, the intellect weakens, money and health problems begin, a person loses success in life and becomes unhappy and irritable.

What Information the Brain Can Take in

This is easy to understand if you have played computer games. Is it possible to load a modern computer game on a Dandy game console? It’s impossible because the device of the Dandy console is too simple to install a modern game on it, you can only play elementary games on it.

What do you need to do to download a modern game? You need to replace the console with a computer with a fast processor, a good video card and all the other components that can handle this game.

This is also how the brain works. For you to accept new information, the physical component of the brain must be ready for it, that is, there must be an extensive network of neural connections and the ability to quickly build new quality neural connections.

The human brain cannot be replaced like a Dandy set-top box on a modern computer, but if you follow some simple rules, you can keep the power of the brain and gradually increase it.

What’s “Killing” the Brain

Negative Thoughts

Every time you feel anger, irritation, or fear, it negatively affects the brain and creates tissue scarring.


Anxiety is a big brake on development, when you feel anxious you can’t think about anything else, it’s nature’s way. If a person lives in a state of anxiety for a very long time, he becomes dependent on this state, and even if there are no external reasons to be anxious, he begins to think up phantom reasons for anxiety.


Medications (including those for anxiety) are the scourge of our time. Twenty years ago, there were only 3-5 different kinds of pills in your medicine cabinet. Look in your medicine cabinet now, I think you can count at least 50 different medications, and many of them work directly by inhibiting work in certain parts of the brain. And what doesn’t work, as you know, dies out over time.


Diseases are virus infections and serious illnesses that affect the brain badly.

What Helps Boost Your Brain


All learning is about making new neural connections. Scientists have proven that learning ability in people drops at 23-25 years old after a person finishes learning. The creation of new neural connections stops abruptly and in just a few years, the brain begins to degrade and lose the ability to quickly memorize information.

Every day your brain will become more “strong,” and at some point, you will feel a “snowball effect” as new information improves your brain, your ability to concentrate, to remember information improves. This allows you to understand more complex information, which improves your brain even more, and so on to infinity. The brain, unlike the stomach, cannot be overfilled. No one has yet been able to stuff the brain so that it all goes backward.

The best thing about learning is to start doing music, learning new betting strategies for the best sports betting site, or learning foreign languages. These are the easiest activities to create new neural connections that will serve as a good base for you to become better at remembering new information so that your brain can process that information faster and more productively.

A Healthy Diet

The brain is the most energy-consuming organ of the human body. You must supply it with sufficient nutrition: both malnutrition and overeating are bad for the brain.


The brain needs to consume enough water to function properly. If a person is dehydrated, the brain stops functioning properly.

Including special substances in the diet that help clean up the scars left by negative influences on the brain and keep the brain functioning.

Physical Exercise

Everyone knows that a healthy body brings a healthy spirit. The better your heart, lungs, and other organs work, the better your brain is supplied with everything it needs.

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