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How To Keep Your Family Warm And Cozy This Winter

It can feel nearly impossible to keep a family home warm during the winter, especially when trying not to run up your energy bills.

That doesn’t mean you have to crank the heating on high 24/7 to avoid the shivers, though – not if you’re smart about it. So if you want to keep the whole family cozy even during the windiest and coldest of evenings, this guide is for you.

Lots And Lots Of Warm Beverages

An easy (and delicious) way to stay cozy during the winter is to drink plenty of warm beverages. Luckily, there’s a warm drink for everyone.

Maybe your little ones prefer to sip on hot chocolate while you enjoy a vast range of soul-enriching teas. It doesn’t matter what you choose to drink. As long as it’s hot, it’ll keep you warm!

If you’re tired of your usual coffee and instant hot chocolate, why not buy chocolate bombs? Hot chocolate bombs are a unique way of making hot chocolate. Instead of stirring powder into milk or hot water, you drop the bomb into hot milk and watch it dissolve.

It works especially well for kids, as they can watch the chocolate swirl around the mug before drinking. Plus, more often than not, chocolate bombs use higher quality chocolate than other types of hot chocolates!

Use Warm Lighting

The lighting you use in your home won’t change the temperature, but it will affect how cozy it feels. Light temperature is especially important when it comes to coziness, with warm-temperature lights having the best effect. So, switch out your light bulbs, invest in warm string lights, and enjoy a truly comfortable atmosphere.

Purchase New PJs And Slippers

The PJs and slippers you wear throughout summer won’t cut it for winter. Your old winter PJs might not be perfect, either, so get some new ones for the whole family. Think about the material before anything else – flannel and fleece work well for the toastiest pajamas.

If you have little ones, consider investing in a super-snug onesie for them. As soon as they have their onesie on, it’ll feel like they are wrapped in a blanket! It’s warm and comfortable, and will make them look incredibly adorable.

Throw Down a Large, Thick Rug

To keep your toes toasty this winter, you don’t have to splurge on new carpets. Instead, throw down a large, thick rug. The thicker, the better! Not only will it reduce drafts from under the floor, but it will also feel great on your feet. Plus, it will give the room a cozy feel.

Blankets, Blankets, And More Blankets

Blankets are great for keeping your body warm without putting the heating on, so make sure you have some in every room! Better yet, keep a basket full to the top with lots of blankets so that every family member can grab one when they feel the urge.

Do single blankets not work well enough on truly cold days? If not, get a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets provide a sense of calm and security, all while keeping you warm. Many people with depression and anxiety use one to ease their symptoms.

Invest in Thicker Curtains

You lose a lot of heat through your windows, even if you have double glazing! That’s why investing in thicker curtains is a simple but effective way of heating the home, as they provide extra insulation.

Plus, you get to choose some brand-new curtains to improve the look of a room! Perhaps you want to increase coziness with some warm-colored curtains, or maybe you’d prefer a bold and fun pattern to match the surrounding décor.

Keep The Doors Closed

An open plan is great in the summer. The air circulates, and it feels bright, airy, and clean. It’s not so great during the winter, though. In the winter, you want the warmth to stay in rooms as much as possible, which is why you should keep all the doors closed.

Light Some Scented Candles

Candles are the perfect way to make a room feel homey. The tiny flicker of the candle will give you a warming feeling, while the wintery scent will put you in the mood for the cold season!  

Of course, remember to keep candles away from small hands. If you have young children, consider getting some LED candles instead. They provide comfort to a room without running the risk of burnt hands or fires.

A cozy home doesn’t have to come with a high energy bill. With little changes like lighting candles, improving insulation, and using blankets, you can keep the whole family warm and snug through Christmas and beyond.

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