raw garden fake carts

It seems inevitable that all popular brands will be counterfeited at some point. Raw Garden is a brand that we have already enthusiastically tested and included in our list of the best live resin cartridges. Of course, we are far from the only Raw Garden fans, and it was only a matter of time before copycats began to emerge.

It couldn’t have happened to a more beautiful brand!

Raw Garden is a leading distributor of live resin, with fresh, frozen and single-origin flowers. In addition, their products are tested for purity.

The biggest warning about the appearance of fakes is a post on Reddit 3 months ago saying they were getting spam from black market traders promoting Raw Garden. Other Reddit users report that the market was flooded with fakes two months ago and also a month ago. Here is a post on Reddit from just 22 hours ago at the time of writing this article.

A YouTuber posted on SnapChat a fake raw orchard for sale:

As you can see from the packaging, it is an exact counterfeit. The minimalist Raw Garden logo and the sober design of the box are, unfortunately, easy to copy.

But for the latest word on black market fakes hitting the streets, we turned to the infamous DHGate. Indeed, empty Raw Garden packets are now being sold there for pennies apiece.

What is particularly telling is that in the screenshot, this seller guarantees “100% identical to the original” and offers “Lime Mojito”, one of the varieties whose test results we published on our oil stick test page.

Black market caps head for raw garden

Here’s an Instagram with typical black market attitude, claiming the Raw Garden brand and showing photos of Runtz products and the dreaded Dank. Under the hashtag #rawgarden, there are dozens of similar accounts on Instagram using the name as if it were just another generic term for 710. When they show Raw Garden alongside other obviously fake brands, it’s already a serious sign.

Just 23 days ago, an IMGUR user discovered a mobile account selling fake Raw Gardens. A quick internet search shows dozens of fraudulent online sellers advertising Raw Garden, some of them with dark gray packaging, which is odd because we have never seen any box color other than white on legitimate Raw Gardens.

How to distinguish the real Raw Garden from the fake one?

First, the Raw Garden cartridge sold in pharmacies will feature the usual stickers and seals, including the packaging date, pharmacy license and QR code for scanning lab results. Watch our Raw Garden test video to see the packaging in 360 degrees.

Raw Garden is only sold in licensed dispensaries in California. If you buy it outside of California, it is usually counterfeit, with the rare exception of someone who has gone to a lot of trouble to get it.

Raw gardens use CCELL technology, so fake CCELLs are used and are easy to detect. See the guide on how to distinguish the real CCELL from the fake one.

Counterfeits of well-known brands on the black market can contain anything

A deadly epidemic of lung disease has been linked to black market vape use. Vape-related lung damage has claimed the lives of 42 people and resulted in the hospitalization of more than 2,000 users to date. Unregulated vape carts can contain heavy metals like lead, pesticides, cannabis like Honey Cut, or just plain junk. Or they can be flammable, if you’re lucky. But many people in the hospital now aren’t so lucky.

If anyone has additional information about where the fake Raw Garden cartridges are circulating, please help us protect public safety by sharing it with the community here in the comments or in our forum.