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Snorlax Bean Bag

A $3,500 Snorlax Hand Knitted Bean Bag

I love Pokemon and I love bean bags, but I can’t say I love this hand-knitted Snorlax bean bag that is estimated to cost over $3,500. The roly-poly pocket monster is known for sleeping in uncomfortable places, and he has a huge belly that he can snuggle up in just fine. Inspired by this item, Amina, of Knot Again by Amina, has knitted a six-foot-long sleeping monster that is an unconventional pouf.

According to Amina, achieving this likeness and size was a huge task that took months, not to mention planning time. However, Amina believes it’s a good way to test her creativity. Amina’s sleeping monster is now for sale in her Etsy store. It is custom made and comes without stuffing, but instructions for stuffing and sewing it are included with purchase.

I’m not going to say that a job worth a person’s months isn’t worth $3,500. Still, that price would probably make most people cringe. Anyway, if you want to take home this giant Snorlax beanbag, you can stop by Amina’s store on Etsy. And if Snorlax isn’t to your liking, you can wait for Amina’s next giant amigurumi, probably the giant Totoro.

If, like me, you don’t have the budget for this expensive handmade masterpiece, the 59″ Snorlax Plush model ($70) or the slightly more expensive Toroto single sofa ($350) are good alternatives. Which one would you choose? I would choose the Totoro sofa, of course.

Giant – 59″ – Snorlax – Plush

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