What is the energy of your twin flame like?

Twin Flames Energy

I call it the energy of unity.

As you begin to understand the energetic dynamics of the twin flame connection, you realize that the harmony of the relationship between the twin flames is determined by the total energy flowing back and forth between them.

If one of the twin flames has difficulty raising its energetic vibration to a level corresponding to that of its twin flame, this will affect the vibration of the other partner.

Therefore, if this is your first time working with twin flames, there are energetic push and pull triggers in the connection, as either there is resistance from the fleeing twin flame trying to avoid the connection, or the pursuing twin flame is holding on too tightly to the connection and trying to control their twin flame partner and the dynamics of the relationship.

When the twin flame catcher surrenders, it allows a break in the connection so that both twin flames can have their own space to deal with their particular twin flame experience on their own. When the twin flame catcher awakens to the connection and accepts it, there is growth and progress in their energetic union as a twin flame pair.

In my experience, many things happen once harmony is achieved in the energetic connection of the twin flames.

The combined energy between the twin flames is what I call the energy of oneness. This phenomenon explains why the twin flame is called “two in one”, because this energetic vibration of oneness comes from the soul. For this reason, twins can easily anticipate each other’s thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, when you heal as a twin flame partner, either as a couple or alone, you feel an energetic balance and harmony within yourself. If you or your twin flame partner are not yet healed, you also feel chaotic in connection and often suffer from unexplained anger, depression, helplessness and intense longing associated with emotional pain.

Inner discomfort with your twin flame connection is a sign of pain within you. Complete healing within the twin flame is achieved when you stop feeling fear and emotional pain within you as a twin flame partner.

This is also why twin flames can energetically heal each other. If one is struggling to accept the lessons of soul healing, the progress and growth of the other twin flame partner can accelerate or motivate the growth of the other.

Remember that twin flames are true symbols of yin-yang. Therefore, the two twin flame energies must be in a harmonious state within one’s own person.

If there is an energetic imbalance in any of the twin flames, there will be turbulence in the communication between the twin partners.

I have also learned from my experience that the overall energy of the twin flames continues to grow and purify itself to remain in a harmonious state forever.

I also believe that it is the responsibility of both people experiencing the twin flame connection to fully awaken to their twin flame process. So the sooner you realize that your relationship is unique and extraordinary, the more enjoyable the journey will be as you change your life to fit your new twin flame reality.

Healing occurs differently for each person, as for some it can happen overnight and for others, like me, it takes months or years to overcome personal pain.