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8 Ways to Stop Your Vape Coils From Burning

If you are an avid vaper, you must have drawn vapor delightfully, expecting a satisfying vapor only to be met with an irritating burnt flavor and harsh sensation. Wondering what must have happened? Well, this occurs when the coil is not sufficiently saturated with e-juice, causing the coil to overheat and singe the wicking material.

Burnt vape coils result from various issues such as using the wrong e-liquid, excessive wattage, a bad vaping habit, among other issues. However, these are avoidable issues that shouldn’t discourage you from vaping.

Having a reliable vaping device like a vape mod is a sure way to enjoy vaping (try out best cheap vape mods here). But if you are determined to avoid burning your vape coils, these eight tips will come in handy, saving you money and the discomfort of a burning vape coil.

Learn to Prime Your Coil Before Vaping

Priming the coil is essential when replacing it to avoid burning it. When installing a new coil, the wick is usually too dry, and it takes some time to get soaked completely. Therefore, ensure you saturate the coil with a few drops before vaping. Since it is not easy to tell if the coil is soaked, wait for at least 5 minutes after filling the tank before powering up.

Another way to do it is by manually saturating the wick by adding some drops directly to the wick all the way around. However, you must be careful not to flood the coil.

Reduce the Power Settings

Vaping at too low wattage can cause flooding, while too high can burn the coil. Different coils have varied use directions, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations and an optional range of wattage for your coil.

Although higher wattage may provide more flavor, the wick will dry out faster. Consequently, consider lowering your power settings to extend your coil’s lifespan.

Keep Your Tank Full

When your tank runs low on e-juice, it won’t soak efficiently as it should because of the insufficient juice for soaking the wick. This may cause your coil to burn out and become useless. Always ensure you have enough e-juice that soaks the wick properly each time you want to vape. 

Regularly Clean Your Coils

Regularly cleaning the coils is crucial as the e -juice’s sugar caramelizes when heated. Residue accumulation inhibits the juice flow to the wick, making it difficult to soak up properly.

Cleaning the coil from time to time will prevent residue build-up, prolonging the devices’ lifespan. One way to do it is by removing the coil from the tank and rinsing it under running or hot water. The pressure from tap water will remove dried residues.

Choose Your E-liquid Wisely

Using the right e-juice helps prevent burning the coil when vaping. For example, an ideal e-liquid should have fewer sweeteners or sugars as too much of it can gunk up the coil and ruin it. 

Thick vape juice can easily gunk up the coils and are more likely to affect your wick than lighter e-juices. For example, dark e-juices are easily taxed on the wick, so always opt for less sugar vape juices.

Stop Chain Vaping

Practicing healthy vaping habits prolong the coil’s life. If you love chain vaping, you might want to limit the number of times you vape as taking puffs consistently dries out the coil faster, causing it to burn. Take breaks between hits for the vape to recover and allow the wick to soak up more juice.

A fading flavor signifies that the coil is drying out and needs more time to soak up e-juice. Therefore, you should note the strength of your flavor to know when to give it time.

Use e-juice With PG Bases.

E-juices with high VG content can burn your coil because it is thick and hard to soak up. A poorly saturated wick is likely to burn. Always use e-juice with less than 70% VG when not sure about the appropriate range for your coil.
You are better off using e-juice with less VG and a higher PG ratio because they are thinner and quickly soaked into the wick. Consider replacing your e-juice with a higher PG ratio if your coil is constantly burning out.

Know When to Replace the Coil

An average coil lasts up to 4 weeks of regular vaping. However, your coil’s lifespan will largely depend on several factors, such as chain vaping and the type of e-liquid. When you notice reduced vapor production, gurgling sounds, fading flavor, or leaking juice, it’s time to replace the coil. 


An excellent vaping experience begins with buying high-quality vape juice, but you still have to practice healthy vaping habits to avoid getting the burnt taste. Implementing these tips will help you prevent burning your coil and improve your vaping experience.

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